Established in London UK 2014, Reggae Star Factor is dedicated to unearthing talent who would not normally get a big opportunity to make it in music. The show gives budding Talent a platform and vehicle to experience rehearsing & performing with a live band (Top industry musicians) in front of a large audience, after they perform they receive expert critique from experienced industry people such as “Carroll Thompson, Sylvia Tella, Judith Jacob” To but a few.

There is also a contestant boot camp section in between the heats & the semi-final where the contestants get to work with mentors who guide and share their knowledge and expertise with them (The Mentors role has included Bitty McLean, Janet Kay, Victor Romeo Evans and the late Claudia Fontaine) Reggae star factor is focused and dedicated to making sure that undiscovered Talent, with that Star Factor are afforded the opportunity, tools and platform that will see them make a career in the Music Industry. It’s also important to know that over the three seasons so far over sixty contestants have performed on the show.

Season 1: Was held at the Tabernacle Theatre in Notting Hill London (Carnival City) in 2014 it was the shows maiden voyage and was a fantastic success the show ran for six straight Friday’s. The the competition was won by “Chardel Rhoden”

Season 2: Was held at the Shaw Theatre in Euston London in 2015 and again this was a fantastic success, Again the show ran for six straight Friday’s. The competition was won by “Jo Caesar”

Reggae Star Factor 2018 Season 3: Was brought back to The Tabernacle Theatre London by special request and popular demand and the show ran for four straight Saturday’s. The competition was won by “Sheldon Senior”

A Brief About Our London Auditions

London Auditions have been taking place at the world-famous Rehearsal Studio BBMC based in Willesden London. Contestants have gained invaluable experience working with some of the great Musicians that make up the Star factor Band. RSF can provide the foundation for ongoing sustainable careers because of our Expertise and strong company infrastructure.

We operate as a mini music industry, within the greater Reggae Industry. We are the UK’s only Reggae production unit with full music industry facilities. Our contribution to the industry extends beyond expected music services through our following networks:

Media: Through the Your Digital Network (YDN), we are able to provide national media coverage and exposure for our artists.

Education & Training:  We deliver both accredited (OFSTED approved) and non-accredited training programs for both performance and behind the scenes development.

Legacy Development:   We are a part of a network, led by BBMC, and LPMEDIA to establish the UK’s only Black Music Museum with exhibits from our connections with the industry’s icons.

Reggae Star Factor Reloaded: This is a live showcase which features the best contestants from each season.

 Reggae Star Factor Live UK Tour: While the reloaded event was only held in London as that’s where the organization is based, we are planning to embark on a 2019 / 2020 live band tour of the UK.

Reggae Star Factor Record Label:

As mentioned over 60 contestants have performed on our talent show and we are now launching our recording label. The main product will be our very own compilation albums, Volume one will feature some of the best acts from each three shows and we have plans to record more volumes which will include the European contestants also.

The RSF Compilation album series will highlight some of the brightest new generation of UK and European reggae acts who have or will perform on our talent show. on our books we will look to establish a Motown records type effect and breathe never ending life into the UK Reggae industry with a view to sustaining this most important market and history.